A Brief Description of the School

In the early 1990s, Muslims residing in the South Bay area felt the need for a mosque in their community. Thus, the Islamic Center of Hawthorne (ICH) was established in March 1995. The Islamic Center of Hawthorne is a religious non-profit 501 c (3) that services this diverse population. Furthering the mission to empower the Muslim community through educational, religious, and social programs, and community service, ICH established a school. Al-Huda Islamic School (AIS) started in September 1998 with 31 students. The school consisted of kindergarten through third grade and had 4 classrooms inside the premises of ICH.  In 2005, AIS moved to an adjacent, but the self-contained building next to the mosque, at 12227 Hawthorne Way. At that time, AIS had 6 classrooms and housed kindergarten through fifth grade. The middle school remained inside ICH. After nine years of fundraising and planning, in 2014 the community was able to build an extension that included a new kitchen, three new classrooms on the first floor, and an additional second story with four classrooms and two bathrooms. In 2014, the middle school moved from ICH to the upstairs classrooms. In September 2015, Al-Huda added a preschool program to its KG-8th grade program.

Al-Huda Islamic School prides itself on adopting the Common Core Curriculum Standards while maintaining the students’ Islamic Identity through its Arabic, Quranic, and Islamic Studies curriculums.